While Ashland Baking Company has grown, our mission as a small, artisanal bakery has not changed. We strive for excellence in everything we do, from the handcrafted breads & pastries we bake to the fair trade coffee we brew. We hope to provide friendly, efficient customer service in a warm atmosphere.


In September 2001, Ashland Baking Company first opened its doors with only a handful of employees, a small product line, and big dreams. Since then, the bakery has been enthusiastically welcomed into the community.  Throughout the years we have increased our product line to offer an impressive array of high quality, handmade products.  We make our breads, pastries, desserts, sandwiches, and coffee six days a week for the residents and visitors of the Chequamegon Bay region of Lake Superior.

Our bread is served at the tables of many area restaurants and can be found on the shelves of many retail outlets as well.  In 2009, the bakery was featured in Lake Superior Magazine, describing it as an essential place to visit on the south shore of Lake Superior.

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We've been baking quality breads and pastries for 15 years.


Experience a rare treat in foods made 100% from scratch. Ashland Baking Company specializes in offering the highest level in quality baked goods and specialty foods, while promoting community, quality of life, and care for the environment.

In addition to our standard range of European style breads that are made daily, our schedule of specialty breads includes various Sourdough, Italian Breads, French Breads, Ryes, and other Yeasted Breads.  These European style breads are also used in our Deli with a daily sandwich schedule and on request picnic lunches.

Our fresh artisan breads are available in outlets throughout Wisconsin and Minnesota and our products are on the menu in various restaurants throughout Wisconsin.